Oak Harbor to replace sewer mains

Oak Harbor will replace half a mile of sewer main pipes on Northeast Ninth and Tenth avenues.

The city of Oak Harbor is replacing half a mile of sewer main pipes on Northeast Ninth and Tenth avenues that are “in dire need of repair,” according to City Engineer Alex Warner.

During a meeting last Tuesday, Warner told the council that the underground concrete pipes are deteriorating. He explained that the engineering department is choosing to use a trenchless technology called pipe bursting, which will reduce costs and impact to residents by not having to create a trench down the center of the street.

The city is replacing the concrete sewer main with an 8-inch, high-density polyethylene pipe, which Warner said will eliminate the weak points of the concrete mains that allow for groundwater leakage into the sewer system.

“It really is eliminating those joints and those weak points in our sewer main that allow for groundwater intrusion,” he said.

The city will also replace and rehabilitate 10 manholes in the city along Ninth and Tenth avenues.

Warner said the city received six bids for the project, which was higher than the typical two or three bids the city receives.

The engineering department estimated that project would cost $470,000 to $570,000. The city accepted a bid from InDepth Excavation, LLC for $519,139.75.

The project was identified and funded in the recently approved biennial budget. All costs will be covered by American Rescue Plan Act funds. The repair and replacement was designed by the city’s in-house engineering division, which saved about 15%, or $75,000, in consulting fees, Warner said.

He said the construction will only cause a “minor impact” to residents and take about half a day, at most. Construction will begin in the spring and end in the summer of this year.

City Administrator Blaine Oborn said the repair is in line with council’s goals to address infrastructure in the city.

City council unanimously voted to approve the construction contract to replace the pipes.