Shavers’ lead may be enough to avoid a recount

It appears that Clyde Shavers managed to eke out a win without needing a recounty.

It appears that Clyde Shavers managed to eke out a win in the race for a District 10 position in the state House of Representatives without needing a recount.

After the count of ballots on Wednesday night, Shavers was ahead of state Rep. Greg Gilday by 162 votes. A recount would have been mandatory if the difference was less than 150 votes.

The race for Island County assessor, however, will require a recount as just 32 votes divide the two candidates. Kelly Mauck, a Republican from Camano Island, is ahead with 19,984 votes and TJ Kubisiak, who is running unaffiliated, has 19,952. That’s a difference of just 0.08%.

The current assessor, Bernie Upchurch, isn’t running for reelection.

Few ballots remain left to count in Island County or Legislative District 10, which includes Island County and portions of Skagit and Snohomish counties. Island County reports having less than 10 ballots left to tally. Skagit estimates 200 and Snohomish estimates 150, though only a part of those ballots will be from District 10.

The ballot counting has been a rollercoaster ride for the four candidates in the two races.

Mauck was behind with an 884 vote deficit on election night, but his lead grew in later counts before receding a bit.

Shavers, an Oak Harbor Democrat, did well against Gilday, a Camano Island Republican, in the primary election and seemed to be doing well in the General Election campaign when Shavers’ father released a letter in late October that accused his son of exaggerating his military service.

Shavers was ahead by 189 votes on Election Day, but his lead eroded in subsequent counts until Gilday led by 15 votes on Nov. 14. Shavers was back on top in vote counts the next day and since then, though it had appeared the race was headed to a recount.

Shavers currently has 37,293 votes and Gilday has 37,131. That’s a difference of 0.22%.