Doleres (Dodi) WardNovember 30, 1930 – November 13, 2022

My Lady, Dodi, left us about this time one year ago.

Dodi had an incredible understanding and sensitivity when unexpectedly thrust into pain and heartbreak throughout her life. In spite of the trauma she experienced throughout her life she was a survivor that always met the challenge. During my time as her partner she was honest, thoughtful, sensitive and sometimes provocative, yet totally unpretentious. Despite the weight and effect of her problems she always transmitted enchantment, joy, and love with an unbreakable spirit of determination and grit.

My lady, Dodi, was indeed a classy lady.

Your whimsical smile is always with me, Dodi, and I will forever cherish the love we had for each other.

As the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning said “ How do I love thee, let me count the ways”.

Dodi, I am still counting.

Yours forever, Bob