Norman Baker: 1935–2024

Norman Everett Baker was born to Asa and Effie Baker on March 23, 1935 in Minnesota. Norm passed away on February 3, 2024. He was the last of his siblings to pass.

Norm moved to Maple Valley as a child and then to Greenbank where he met and married Leda Casey. Leda’s mom and dad ( John and Melva Sinema) ran the Greenbank Farm, Norm would drive the barrels of Loganberries every night to Seattle. While they lived on the Greenbank Farm, Norm and Leda lived in the Sears house, which Norm called the Honeymoon House. The house was moved to Bayview Corner by Goosefoot to preserve it.

Norm always likes working on cars. When Norm was a sophomore in high school, he had been skipping school so much to work on cars that the principal of the high school told Norm if he liked working on cars so much, he should just quit school. Norm took that advice and left school to follow his passion.

Norm was a hard worker. He worked for Waterman Mill until he bought the Langley Chevron in 1969. After years on the concrete taking the toll on his back and legs, Norm went back to the logging industry.

Norm enjoyed working with his best friend Charlie Nelson. Many summers included Charlie’s kids riding along in the log or dump truck. Many young men learned to be mechanics from Norn at his Chevron and then at his home shop.

Much of the land from Whidbey Island to Darrington was shaped by the work of Norm’s logging days. He took pride in all he did.

Norm enjoyed his time with is brother Cliff in Arizona. He also loved visitors to his place in Bonaparte where loved to take visitors fishing. He really enjoyed elk and deer hunting with his grandson, Josh.

He was the patriarch of the family and is sorely missed. He was our hero.Norm is survived by his daughter Bonnie, Montana, son Ron (Alene), Langley, daughter Teri of the family homestead in Langley and daughter Cindy, Greenbank. There are also 7 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild.

A celebration of his life will be held May 4th from 1pm – 5pm at Bayview Hall.