Oakley leads local competitors / Triathlon

Peter Oakley of Langley was the top local finisher in the 23rd annual Whidbey Island Triathlon Saturday, July 27.

The triathlon included a half-mile swim in Goss Lake, a 19.5-mile bike ride over the back roads of South Whidbey and a 3.8-mile run through the trails near Community Park.

The competitors were split into 12 age divisions, as well as the King Salmon class (men over 200 pounds, women over 150). In all, 202 individuals and 15 relay teams finished the race.

Bellevue’s Drew Magill, 54, was the overall winner in 1:31:09.9. The top female finisher, Salt Lake City’s Jenna Goodrum, 28, took second overall in 1:34:14.6.

OK-Go (hometown not listed) posted the best relay time, 1:29:34.6.

Oakley, 57, covered the course in 1:49:38.6, good for 16th overall and first in his division. He was one of three competing in the triathlon for the 20th time. Bob Thome, 64, a longtime South Whidbey resident who moved to Bellevue last year, was 14th in 1:48:45.4, and Kenmore’s Stacia McInnes, 51, was 12th overall in 1:45:29.5.

The first local female finisher was Clinton’s Brenda Lovie, 57, who took 22nd overall and first in her division in 1:53:34.4.

Other division winners from Whidbey Island were Cooper Ullmann, 16, Langley, 18th overall, 1:50:25.6; Matthew Johnson, 47, Langley, 28th overall, 1:54:45.4; Kinsey Eager, 20, Langley, 35th overall, 1:57:40.4; Parker Collins, 22, Langley, 44th overall, 2:00:07.9; Sandi Lusk, 70, Langley, 82nd overall, 2:12:14.3; Stephen Lusk, 69, Langley, 105th overall, 2:17:45.8; and Jen Wuest, 43, Clinton, 109th overall, 2:18:25.8.

Three South Whidbey youngsters — Naomi Atwood, 13, Parker Forsyth, 14, and Maddy Racicot, 14 — finished first among all female relay teams and fifth overall in 1:54:23.8. Langley’s Coho Mojo — Joe Hempel, Davide Kane and Matthew Swett — was the first-place, all-male team and seventh overall in 1:58:23.7.

Other results

The hometowns for some competitors were not listed; therefore, some local athletes may be missing from the results below.

Also completing the race (in order of overall finish): 20th (second in division), Aaron Racicot, Langley, 1:50:49; 33rd (second), Sam Baesler, 17, Freeland, 1:57:24.6; 38th (second), Greg Hensrude, 39, Langley, 1:55:35.7; 40th (third), Christopher Pope, 54, Freeland, 1:59:34.7; and 43rd (fourth), George Henny, 53, Langley, 2:00:01.8.

51st (seventh), Nathan Ross, 26, Oak Harbor, 2:01:49.6; 52nd (fifth), Michael Payne, 53, Langley, 2:01:52.3; 87th (seventh), James Nickolos, 31, Oak Harbor, 2:13:10.2; 103rd (third), Curtis Vieke, 45, Oak Harbor, 2:17:19.7; and 113th (eighth), Kristen Ross, 28, Oak Harbor, 2:18:43.1.

116th (fifth), Hunter Ewart, Freeland, 2:19:20; 118th (fourth), Jessica Day, 23, Langley, 2:20:00.9; 122nd (fourth), Ally Lynch, 19, Langley, 2:23:13.9; and 134th (17th), Brandon Patrick, 29, Oak Harbor, 2:27:12.

141st (fifth), Michael Setty, 36, Oak Harbor, 2:28.51; 143rd (13th), James Rockwell, 36, Oak Harbor, 2:28:59; 144th (fourth), Charnel Austin, 27, Oak Harbor, 2:29:30.6; 146th (third), Jacqueline Walisser, 54, Clinton, 2:30:24.5; and 147th (ninth), Kristen Stavros, 39, Coupeville, 2:31:00.3.

150th (sixth), Anna Lynch, 21, Langley, 2:31:37.4; 153rd (fourth), Sabine Wilms, 50, Langley, 2:32:49.4; 155th (fifth), Misty Martin, 40, Oak Harbor, 2:33:46.7; 159th (fourth), Heath Treichel, 45, Oak Harbor, 2:36:09.1; and 161st (sixth), Kristen Bowler Marere, 52, Freeland, 2:37:40.4.

162nd (seventh), Amy Raymond, 53, Langley, 2:37:47.2; 167th (fourth), Mary Louise Harris, 57, Freeland, 2:42:25.3; 176th (20th), Ren O’Leary, 28, Oak Harbor, 2:44:46.7; 177th (15th), Katie O’Leary, 25, Oak Harbor, 2:44:46.9; 185th (second), Beth Johnson, 65, Freeland, 2:50:26.4; 195th (seventh), Melene Thompson, 61, Clinton, 3:11:33.5; and 197th (second) Andrea Malott, 74, Langley, 3:13:25.1.

Relay results

Here are the results for the other Whidbey Island teams in the overall relay standings:

Third (third mixed), Holmes Harbor Hooligans — Isaac Leitz, 36, Auston Reisman, 33, Karen Leitz, 35 — 1:47:09.8; fifth (fifth mixed), French Fried — Brian Atwood, 41, Emmy Atwood, 43, Jim Forsyth, 53 — 1:57:53.8; 12th (second men), Keep the Old Man Out — Bill Koll, 78, Robert Koll, Robert Windecker, 77 — 2:21:27.8; 14th (ninth mixed), Mighty Big Legs — Rodrigo Toledo, 36, Anna Toledo, 36, Katherine Nehring, 36 — 2:48:49.2; 15th (10th mixed), Team Bypass — Bob Wiley, 79, Teresa Forsyth, 51, Bailey Forsyth, 20 — 2:54:24.2.

Anna Lynch.(Submitted photo)

Anna Lynch. (Submitted photo)

Riders cruise through the streets of Langley.(Submitted photo)

Riders cruise through the streets of Langley. (Submitted photo)

Judy Collins.(Submitted photo)

Judy Collins. (Submitted photo)

Amanda Remmen and Sabine Wilms.(Submitted photo)

Amanda Remmen and Sabine Wilms. (Submitted photo)

Melene Thompson.(Submitted photo)

Melene Thompson. (Submitted photo)

Greg Hensrude.(Submitted photo)

Greg Hensrude. (Submitted photo)

Sandi Lusk.(Submitted photo)

Sandi Lusk. (Submitted photo)

The triathlon is about to begin last Saturday at Goss Lake.(Submitted photo)

The triathlon is about to begin last Saturday at Goss Lake. (Submitted photo)