If government controls health care, it controls you


Representative Rick Larsen assaults “Trump-care” with the statement “If there were a book on Common Sense, I’m sure it would include a chapter on” …a litany of democrat talking points.

Representative Larsen appears unaware that Common Sense was written by American patriot Thomas Paine, in 1775 who inspired 13 colonies to fight for our independence against an oppressive British Empire. Paine presented arguments in precise prose and was an immediate sensation.

Larsens lack of awareness continues: He claims 23 million Americans will lose Obama health insurance with “Trump-care.” I reconcile this statement as inaccurate, as 50 percent of those insured are not legal Americans. To date, we do not know what is proposed in the American Health Care Act that is still being carefully studied in Trump’s presidency.

We do know “preexisting” conditions and Medical Savings Accounts (MSA’s) are a focal point of inclusion.

MSA’s were banned by Obama, thus halting interstate commerce of an important family held trust fund for management of health care assets. This is a family slush fund, invested by the family, matched by their employer, was portable, designed and used by the family for any illness. It has huge potential for families to control their own health care funds. State insurance commissioners refused to allow MSAs into the state of Washington, thus controlling the free exchange of commerce. This is contrary to the Commerce Clause as our founding fathers knew that if the Port of Charleston imposed a tariff on Boston shipping, it would halt the exchange of goods.

There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act and it is financially imploding! The Canadian and British health care system are fatally flawed as they limit care to control expenses.

In Canada, a woman cannot get a bone density study unless she fractures a hip. This is too late to make a difference.

Males, post-menopausal women and nuns should not be required to purchase pregnancy care insurance. MSA’s fix this problem as you are in control of your family needs.

Obama Care is an avalanche of deceptions and Rep. Rick Larsen is leading this charge. If government controls health care, it controls you.


Oak Harbor