Let’s work together, not at odds with each other


The last time I checked, we still had freedom of speech in this country, so I was appalled that the two North Whidbey county commissioners would withhold a grant for Coupeville because they didn’t like what some of those residents were saying. Complaining about the actions of the Navy doesn’t constitute a gross dislike of the Navy itself.

Even if it does, these people have a right to their opinion and the right to express it.

However, I am also appalled that many Coupevilleites would think that their life style needs protection to the detriment of others. My home is on North Whidbey. It is isolated on five-acre waterfront property down a private road with numerous farms around, similar to many homeowners in Coupeville.

The tranquility of the space is fractured by jet noise. I hate the increase in the noise level, the increased frequency of landings, take offs and high speed fly overs and the later and later nighttime flights, and I have a right to say so, but I don’t dislike the Navy. My husband had a long career with them, and we have always been proud of his service and that particular branch.

It is a sad day that communities are pitted against each other when they have a common complaint. For Central Whidbey organizers to suggest that a 90/10 percent or 80/20 percent split in Growler flights would be equitable is laughable. We already have E-3s, Poseidons, helicopters and numerous transit flights to Ault Field. Would Coupeville care to share those also?

I fault the commissioners for withholding the grant, but I also fault the many residents on Central Whidbey who seem to think their lifestyle is better than those of North Whidbey residents and want to solve their issues by dumping the problems in someone else’s yard.

Let’s work together, not at odds with each other.


Oak Harbor