Letter: Korrow must have been sarcastic in comment


I am appalled at the way Kira Erickson treated Christy Korrow in Saturday’s newspaper. I think Kira may need to do more research into the people she is reporting on before painting someone in such a disparaging light. Christy is a neighbor and friend of mine and is quite the opposite of how she was portrayed by Ms. Erickson.

Christy and her husband have worked hard to create a community of inclusiveness for working class people in Langley ever since they moved here. They helped build a community here that strives to ensure affordable housing for generations to come. The comments quoted by Ms. Erickson sound more like Christy’s sarcasm at being frustrated with the cost of housing here.

The editor of this paper should have caught that instead of printing as a headline.

Rebecca Stults


Editor’s note: Councilwoman Korrow is a public figure speaking at a public meeting. It is a reporter’s job to report what elected representatives say. Korrow’s comments were recorded and spoken in a straightforward manner.

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