We stand for: Greed for today.


When we have another election will anything be changed for the better? Will there still be gerrymandering? Will there still be cross-check that allowed hundreds of thousands of voters to be denied their votes? Will the number of polls be allowed to be reduced along with the hours of operation? Will the Russians still be able to influence the vote?

Somehow I don’t feel like this kind of issue will ever get around to even being talked about. We have a government at the moment that is run by a small group of people who were not elected, and if this healthcare bill is reflecting any concern it is that the wealthy will continue to get the tax breaks while the people who really need the help are ignored. How the elderly are being forced out of healthcare is disgusting and one can barley tolerate listening to most of the Republicans extreme greed and dishonesty.

He accuses Obama of “wiretapping” and then walks away from the responsibility of his actions. We may have the largest and most impressive military in the world but our government ethics and morals are right there with Brazil or Russia. We stand for: Greed for today. Our children can clean up our debt and pollution tomorrow. Make America great Mr. Trump. Just like you.