You either meet your goals, or you don’t


I read with interest this morning that WhidbeyHealth CEO Geri Forbes received a $70,000 bonus as part of the contract negotiated at her hiring in 2015. In one sentence it was explained that, to get her bonus, Ms. Forbes had to meet board objectives. In another sentence it says “some goals were not met, those which she didn’t have total control of,” according to Commissioner Nancy Fey.

I’m curious what the goals and objectives were. Also, it seems to me you either meet your goals or you don’t. If you don’t meet them, you aren’t rewarded. She didn’t meet them, so why does she get the bonus?

I’m just one of many taxpayers, and one who worked for 21 years for Whidbey General. My salary was far less than hers, and yet I managed to meet the goals I set for myself each year, without benefit of a bonus.