Evan Thompson / The Record — Langley Mayor Tim Callison asserted that the city will continue its sustainability efforts despite President Donald Trump withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate change accord.

Langley to continue sustainability efforts despite Trump pulling the U.S. from Paris climate change accord

  • Wed Jun 7th, 2017 8:00am
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Langley will continue to reduce its carbon footprint despite President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, commonly referred to as the Paris Climate Accord.

Mayor Tim Callison said at the Langley City Council’s regular monthly meeting on Monday night that there are strategies in the sustainability element of the city’s comprehensive plan that are going to prepare and mitigate the potential impacts of climate change. Callison added that the city will continue its path for sustainability with improvement in energy efficiency and usage, water conservation, protection of the city’s shoreline and preparing homes near the water for sea level rise.

The city also enrolled in a decade-long energy savings plan with Puget Sound Energy in May and will receive power from a Thurston County wind farm.

He also said the Langley is attempting to become a SolSmart city, a designation that would make it an official “solar friendly” city. There were efforts to install a solar array on the roof of city hall, but the roof was deemed stressed and undersized. Other potential spots for solar panels are being considered, such as the roof of the Langley Library and the old fire hall. He also added that the solar array could be placed on city hall’s roof when it gets replaced in three to four years.

Puget Sound Energy is committed to moving away from coal generating energy usages, said Callison, which help Langley in the long run.

“The energy that we’re getting from Puget Sound Energy will be cleaner and be adding to our sustainability efforts as well,” Callison said.

The city is also working to change its street lights to more green-friendly standards, Callison said.