Barbara Haupt and Philip Hofius

South Whidbey churches list weekend events

Plenty of activities from which to choose.


BETWEEN CLASSES: American culture is sometimes welcomed abroad

As the world’s lone superpower, America has massive effects on international politics, economics and culture.In our time abroad last year, we both saw how our… Continue reading


BETWEEN CLASSES: Games call for protesting human rights violations

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BETWEEN CLASSES: A few requests from your Island teens

Living on South Whidbey is hard for teenagers. As high school seniors about to leave the island indefinitely, we have compiled a list of improvements and additions proposed by our fellow students.

BETWEEN CLASSES: Healthcare system today is a putrid stew

Imagine if almost everybody in our country were healthy.

BETWEEN CLASSES: Soon we will take our different paths

With our senior year winding down, most of our classmates have only a rough knowledge of what the coming years will bring with them. For us and most of our friends, new schools beckon, and with them new people, experiences and lifestyles.

BETWEEN CLASSES: We’ll miss our island’s special gems

Growing up on Whidbey has shaped us “island kids” in inescapable ways.