Jim Larsen

EDITORIAL | Final edition

This is the final edition of The South Whidbey Record with my name listed as editor. For those of you thinking of chiseling my tombstone, the dates would be from November 1981 to October 2001, and then again from November 2012 to July 2013. I like to make things difficult for chiselers.


Third Nichols Brothers ferry unlikely this session

A transportation bill that provides for a third 144-passenger Washington State ferry important to Nichols Brothers Boat Builders of Freeland passed the state House Thursday evening but likely isn’t going any further this year.


Jack, South Whidbey’s only pet coatimundi, undergoes dental surgery

Jack, South Whidbey’s news making coatimundi, has a clean set of choppers thanks to a local veterinarian and a sympathetic woman who started a fundraiser to pay for the dental makeover.


Flames destroy garage, apartment near Mutiny Bay

A raging fire destroyed a two-story garage with an apartment on the top floor near Mutiny Bay early Wednesday afternoon. South Whidbey Fire/EMS responded to a call that came in about 1:30 p.m. to find the garage entirely engulfed in flames, said Chief Rusty Palmer as he watched firefighters pour water on the black, smokey remnants of the building. The building was near the intersection of Mutiny Bay and Bush Point roads.

New Mukilteo ferry terminal nears construction start date

Ferry officials seemed a bit ebullient Wednesday night in Clinton, and who could blame them. After several decades of planning and dreaming, it looks like the move of the Mukilteo ferry terminal could be imminent in bureaucratic time.

Fishing boat runs aground on Whidbey Island, no fuel leaks | UPDATE

A large fishing boat went aground at Lagoon Point on Tuesday morning at 4 a.m., about an hour before the sun rose to create a glorious day on Whidbey Island.

Fishing boat runs aground at Lagoon Point

A large fishing boat went aground at Lagoon Point on Tuesday morning at 4:30 a.m., less than an hour before the sun rose to create a glorious day on Whidbey Island.

Holmes Harbor pollution eases

The tainted waters at the south end of Holmes Harbor have improved dramatically, leading to the possibility they will be declared safe for swimming, wading and shellfish harvesting later this year.

Heavy rains cause landslide, blocking Whidbey Shores road

The long winter and spring of landslides on Whidbey Island resumed on a rainy Monday evening when a hunk of bluff fell across East Point Road in the Whidbey Shores community on Fox Spit, about five miles north of Langley.

Island turns out to honor fallen veterans

One of the largest crowds in years swarmed to pay homage to America’s fallen war heroes with a ceremony at Bayview Cemetery on Memorial Day.

SLIDESHOW | Scores honor fallen veterans at Bayview Cemetery

Quite a showing solemnly honored fallen veterans at Bayview Cemetery this Memorial Day.

Whidbey Islanders get a taste of tornado in Oklahoma

Leonard and Linda Good returned home safely to South Whidbey after a harrowing visit to Oklahoma.

Simmons Garage stays in the family

The long transition from Simmons Garage to Simmons Garage is complete in Clinton.

Whidbey’s first coatimundi chase ends with success

Jack lies peacefully on one couch cushion stacked atop another, eyes closed, the picture of innocence. Hardly the type of fellow one would suspect of kicking off South Whidbey’s first wild coatimundi chase.

SLIDESHOW | Langley house burns down, occupants escape unharmed

A fire claimed the Langley home and vehicle of Marilie Johnson the night of May 10. Her two grandchildren, three dogs, several cats and she escaped unharmed.

Fire destroys Langley home | UPDATE

We may never know the exact cause of a fire that destroyed a home in Langley late Friday afternoon.

Fire destroys Langley home, people, animals escape

A home was destroyed by fire in Langley late Friday afternoon but two adults, two children, four dogs and several cats escaped the inferno unharmed. South Whidbey Fire/EMS threw everything it had at the stubborn blaze, but even after 20 minutes of battle flames were still licking above the roof of the house, located at 460 Anthes Avenue, about block up the hill from the United Methodist Church.

Poppy Girl encounters war memories of Whidbey Island veterans

A Poppy Girl learns that an assisted living facility isn’t just a place where older people live, it’s where an irreplaceable storehouse of history is kept alive in the memories of residents.

Nichols jobs depend on another ferry

Eighty to 100 jobs on South Whidbey are riding on the outcome of a transportation bill still up in the air as the Washington State Legislature prepares for its special session beginning Monday, May 13.

Ceremony celebrates long awaited Langley marina project

The start of long-awaited improvements to the marina in Langley was cause enough for a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday.