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Stacey Guy thinks a lot about destiny. She believes destiny brought her to Whidbey Island.

Stacey Guy thinks a lot about destiny.

She believes destiny brought her to Whidbey Island.

“It was so beautiful when I got here and I felt this extremely strong energy,” she said. “I felt like this is part of my destiny. And everyone should embrace their destiny.”

According to Guy, she was also destined to become a psychic. The warm, energetic 24-year-old is a fifth-generation psychic. Guy, who emphasized she is a clairvoyant, not a medium, said she received her “gift” at age 11, but didn’t really come into it until she was 12.

“I get a flash of energy and pick up on feelings and emotions,” she described. “Walking into a crowded place was difficult for me. I didn’t like feeling other people’s emotions.”

A psychic was the last thing she wanted to be in life.

“I didn’t want it. I wanted to do something else,” said Guy. “I just knew I wanted to work with people.”

Life became easier once she mastered control of her gift and she began to work on honing her skills, with the help of her grandmother and mother, who are also psychic. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Guy moved to Kirkland a few months ago to be near her husband’s family. Although she divides her time between Kirkland and Whidbey, Guy has opened a business in Clinton along Highway 525, right next to Cozy’s.

Most of her consultations are by appointment, but walk-ins are welcome whenever the “open” sign is in the window. The topic most people are interested in these days is what to expect in the New Year. All the hoopla over the world ending on Dec. 21, she said, was just that — hoopla.

“We’re basically having an early New Year,” Guy said. “The stars are aligning, which is causing a shift in the universe. It’s not going to cause anything bad to happen, but there is going to be a change.”

This coming shift, or change, is not going to be anything terrible or horrific, Guy said. The earth won’t blow up, the sun won’t stop shining. Rather, the realignment is going to be the beginning of a long, positive period of change, including a huge transition in technology.

“I’m very excited about this,” she said. “Everybody needs to embrace this change, this shift, and also adapt to the changes.”

When you think about it, Guy said, the ability to change is what appeals to everyone in the New Year anyway. She said resolutions are usually things people want to change about themselves or their lives.

“If all of us want to change, maybe our world can change,” she said. “When it comes down to it, everybody is the same. We all have the same feelings and emotions, but we just don’t know how to embrace it.”

Guy, who declined to be photographed for “religious reasons,” says anyone has the ability to be a psychic.

“I feel anybody can do it. It’s about opening your third-eye chakra (a gate leading to inner realms and higher consciousness, according to Wikipedia),” Guy said. “If you embrace it, enhance it, learn to control it and shut it off, you have your gift.”

For now, Guy is content offering a variety of services for her clients. A basic palm reading, which Guy recommends for newcomers, costs $10. For $25, Guy will perform a Tarot card reading. A spiritual reading from Guy, in conjunction with Tarot cards, is $35. Guy also does readings for pets. The only tools she uses in her trade are Tarot cards. The only crystals she does use have to be natural, not man made.

And no, the office doesn’t have beaded curtains, candles don’t burn in every nook and cranny and there isn’t a crystal ball in sight.

“I don’t even know what they’re used for,” she laughed.