Letter: Endorsement was insulting to many


In a recent editorial, you blithely lobbed a very divisive and demeaning term into Langley public service. You said there was an “in crowd.” How mistaken you are! And how insulting to the staff, the council and the citizens who volunteer on commissions offering expertise in advising the city. All these people work for modest wages, tiny stipends or for free on public works, ethics, diversity, housing, the library, the port, commerce, etc. Together they advance values that benefit everyone: they work together to make Langley safer, more accessible, more transparent, more efficient and more welcoming to all who live, work, shop and visit Langley. There is no “in crowd,” there are just people working collaboratively to make our community better for everyone. Suggesting there’s an “in crowd “ seeks to pit people against each other; it sews doubt. Every single individual currently serving Langley does so according to the time and gifts they bring. Each person is invaluable.

And yet, there are choices to be made: You wisely endorsed for Langley City Council Chris Carlson and Craig Cyr for their progressive values but inexplicably failed to endorse Kennedy Horstman for mayor. She too, is a progressive with decades of professional executive leadership experience. Kennedy is wise, intelligent, calm, and collaborative. Kennedy is steady and organized. She encourages the best in others. She will make a great Langley mayor. She shares progressive values with Craig Cyr and Chris Carlson and, like them, will work for the benefit of all. I encourage you to join me in voting for Kennedy Horstman for mayor of Langley!

Susan Cyr