Letter: If you agree with retired captain’s letter, say ‘ditto’


Navy Capt. Larry Salter wrote an eloquent Sound Off in the Sept. 28 issue of the South Whidbey Record. He summarized my feelings exactly, only I am not able to state them so well. In his final paragraph, he asked that “the (silent) majority need to have their voices heard and help drown out the vocal minority and their activist tactics.”

The problem is that the majority of us have life stuff that gets in the way of taking the time to write in any detail how we feel in support of the Navy. We have jobs, family, children and their activities, bills to pay, chores to do and more.

Some of us, like me, don’t think we write so well and might be embarrassed to have something published.

But what we can all do is, in addition to reading letters like Larry’s and agreeing in silence, we should let the rest of Whidbey know we support the Navy.

Take a few minutes to send a short letter or email to editor@whidbeynewsgroup.com with your name, contact telephone number, reference the article, and give it a big “ditto.”

If you don’t have email, send a letter to The Record, P.O. Box 1200, Coupeville WA 98239. Let’s take the time to do that, and show the Navy the support of the silent majority.

Let’s hope The Record publishes all the “dittos” they receive.

Marc De Jong

Oak Harbor

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