Letter: In search of rank-and-file supporters with integrity


I write today to decry all Republicans, and others, who still support the most villainous president in American history. I believe this man could round up every person in America who looks like a Hispanic, one big line across this wide country, and ask the first person in line to point out an illegal immigrant or that person himself would be put into a cage and the Republican rank and file would look the other way.

This would be the modern version of what the Nazis did in World War II. They would go into a small town, or country, occupy it, line up all the citizens out in the street. The first person in line would be asked to point out a Jew or be shot himself. And then, systematically, the heinous perpetrators worked their way down the line, attempting to extract the Jews.

I’d like to line up all the Republicans and others, the rank and file, who support this traitor. I’d ask the first person in line to point out a person who has integrity. I would then ask the same of the next person in line, and the next, and the next.

Show me, Diogenes, one Republican in this enormous line, one Republican in this spineless queue stretching from sea to shining sea, show me one Republican who has integrity.

Steven V. Horton


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