Letter: RFK Jr. would make a better president


I do hope folks will become aware that Biden isn’t our only choice for voting as a Democrat in the 2024 election. Although it appears to be hidden from the major news sources, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is running. He announced in March. Wonder why it’s not all over the news like all the Republicans besides Trump who are running?

So, in case you haven’t heard, he is running and I like him because he is passionate about climate change. He helped start the Waterkeepers and, as a lawyer, has supported many claims against industries for their pollution of waterways. He is also passionate about keeping us out of war. He supports aid to the Ukraine, but not using that country as a pawn to get at Russia and killing thousands along the way.

He is passionate about racial justice. His first book (Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A biography), published in 1978, was about the judge who challenged George Wallace’s attempts to maintain segregation.

Lots more information about him is available if you look for it and I hope you will.

Mary Goolsby