Letter: This time of year can be difficult for many people


I live at Brookhaven in Langley and have written the following poem about how difficult it is for people at this time of year:

What do you do when your future is not measured in years

but by how much you can overcome your fears

living in the here and now

takes on new meaning when you don’t know how

you’re going to have enough to eat

and money doesn’t come for a week

where despair is kept at bay for only an hour

then resurfaces again with even more power

when those you rely on turn their backs

instead of helping they go on the attack

never asking what they can do

to help you to survive and make it through

so force yourself to sit back and take a deep breath

remembering you have a whole life to live yet

you will survive to fight another day

and overcome adversity come what may

the fear might still be there within

but each day you can begin again

Evie Kiernan-Jones