LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Accountability is very important

To the editor:

People of the best dang island in all of the world, why do we let these politicians separate us when we live in paradise?

What is it about us needing the other person to be wrong, so we can then feel we are right?

Do these politicians ever deliver on their campaign promises, or just assign blame as to who prevented them from attaining their promise to why we elected them in the first place?

Seems I recall a bit of wisdom that goes like this: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

My question to the good people of the island is this: Why do we choose to reelect those who don’t deliver as promised?

In any other circumstance in life, be it a contractor who doesn’t live up to his proposal, a automobile manufacturer who doesn’t deliver a car as promised, an insurance company that doesn’t honor its coverage when needed, etc, we would never again let them earn our trust.

But when it comes to politics, we give them a pass and assign blame instead. Why?

Ed Shipley