Letter: Water issues need to be addressed in East Langley


I have been reading the different pros and cons regarding Langley’s Infrastructure Bond proposal that is before the voters on Nov. 5. I served on the Langley City Council for 12 years and was there at all the meetings that evolved around a development proposal between Edgecliff and Sandy Point Road. At that time, we had several hydrology reports submitted from different professional hydrologists and people with expertise in wetlands.

What I remember is by the time we were done with recommendations, the developer was restricted from any water leaving the development and very few trees were allowed to be taken down. Trees are essential to retaining water in a watershed and it is really imperative to keep as many trees in that area as possible. I remember a report by a citizen who showed the council a map of seven different watersheds, all convening around the area where Edgecliff takes a bend. It was astounding how much water was moving downhill toward the bluff just from the natural flows. In addition, every day all the properties who have septic systems in the Edgecliff, Decker and Furman region were depositing a huge amount of water into the ground from their household needs, gardens etc. Combined with the seven watersheds that are moving water towards the bluff, it was clear there is a huge amount of water flowing underground. As a walker, for years I have witnessed rain water pooling up in areas along Edgecliff.

We also went on a field trip on the water side of Edgecliff’s bluff with a bluff expert who indicated exactly where the clay layers were on the bluff and where the sluffing was happening. Bluff sluffing seemed to correlate with the clay layers. Many bluff owners have tight lined their run off down to the beach. Between the hydrologists reports and the bluff expert, it was clear that water sifting down into the soil, found the clay layer and slowly made its way to the bluff where it deposited the water.

So, taken together, runoff from rain, septic systems and watersheds converging, there is no doubt there are water issues that need to be addressed in the east side of Langley, from Edgecliff to Sandy Point Road. We live in a city where we all should contribute to our infrastructure needs. I believe adding sewer, storm water and new updated water lines now is the responsible thing to do. I encourage those who haven’t voted yet to vote yes on the infrastructure bond for Langley.

Rene Neff


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