Police need a fireworks law they can better regulate


Out of the 599 calls for service in the three days referenced for last year, how many citations were issued for illegal fireworks or illegal explosive devices? How many illegal fireworks or explosives were confiscated?

The last time I was given a public response to this question by Island County Sheriff Mark Brown, the answer was zero. Ever. Has this number changed? At that Island County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Brown described this as “too difficult” and gave me the impression that he had no intention of attempting to enforce these laws. This is a matter of public record.

The simple solution is to set regulation which allows law enforcement to cite violating properties with three credible witnesses or still/video images. A $1,000 first time fine would likely cut down this illegal activity by a huge amount.

Currently, those who torture their neighbors with bombs face no consequences. Law enforcement claims they cannot enforce unless they personally see a specific person violating the law. I say, set a law which can be enforced. This is the duty of the county commissioners in the name of public safety.