Heartfelt puppet play starts today at WCT

What’s a cow to do when he loses his moo?

David Welton / The Record Above

What’s a cow to do when he loses his moo?

Or when there is no grass to chew?

Well, sing, of course!

Find out what a song can do for the heart when AHA! Puppet Theater, in conjunction with Whidbey Children’s Theater, presents “The Cow That Loses Its Moo.” The show plays one weekend only, today and tomorrow at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the Martha Murphy Mainstage in Langley.

As the first in the Theater for Young Audiences series at WCT, the participatory, musical puppet play is the perfect entertainment for children of all ages and an inspiring bit of fun for the whole family to share.

A magical quest for the lost moo of a melancholy cow leads the motley crew of human and puppet characters down the road toward harmony through the heartfelt sounds of their very own songs.

With original music by Talia Toni Marcus and the Garden Jam Band, co-creators Dawn Collins, Marcus and John Hogue have created a show that puts to good use the professional quality talent of local musicians and performers.

The play combines the thoughtful musical score for guitar, piano, violin, viola and drums with an original script for Collins’ wise and witty puppets, who share the stage with a cast of charming young performers.

Songs like “What Do You Do When You Lose Your Moo?”, “Bum Bum Bum,” “Fish Puzzle Song,” “Rainbow Woman” and “Weed Song” use the model of the sweet and humorous ditty with a catchy melody to entertain the very young, while illuminating the importance of taking care of the earth, letting laughter in and listening to the songs in one’s heart.

Collins said the idea is to send home the idea that everyone needs a song in their heart to feel happy and to help us all grow.

The chorus of the “Moo Finale Song” illustrates the idea:

We live in this world together

We all need the sun, the rain and the air,

These things are here for us to share.

When you are puzzled and things aren’t going your way,

Remember…listen to your heart song everyday.

The script includes plenty of humorous asides while the Queen of Vimberland — a place halfway between Wonderland and Neverland — tries to find out why the grass is not growing, why there is a fish out of water, a cow with no moo and the entire land seems so “upsee downsee.”

Collins said she feels lucky that WCT has given her the opportunity to work with other artists in the community to create shows for children and send important messages home to the very young.

“As an artist, I personally appreciate that,” she said.

Collins also said she appreciates giving families the tools to do something together that is not only fun but might also have them singing when they leave the theater.

Marcus agreed and said, for her part, not only does the music advance the story but the songs are meant to awaken the inner guidance of young hearts.

“The songs are like anthems to keep you going during the day,” Marcus said.

The songs, Collins said, speak to strength, power, beauty and to listening to the heart.”

The chorus of “Heart Song” sings:

It sings a song when you need a friend,

When trouble has come your way.

You won’t forget your heart song,

It sings to you everyday.

In every heart there’s a heart song

A song of beauty made for you and me.

We all share one heart song,

One voice that sings in perfect harmony.

“The Cow That Loses Its Moo” features, John Hogue, Dawn Collins, Talia Toni Marcus, Lily Simpson, Tristan Wisont, Fiona Reilly, Helen Reilly, Olivia Wisont and Caelan Wisont. Musical accompaniment is by Doug Beneke, Deb Helland, Pete Keating and Lorna Landis with costumes by Jane Klassen.

Tickets cost $7 for adults and

$5 for seniors and youth. Call WCT at 221-2282 or visit www.WCTonline.com for info.

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