How much is that ferry ride going to cost in October?

The public is encouraged to speak up now, in person or online, to be heard about the fare increase starting Oct. 1.

That ferry cruise is going to cost you more starting Oct. 1.

How much more will be discussed at Wednesday’s Washington State Transportation Commission meeting.

The all-day meeting is open to the public, virtually or in person, at the San Juan County Council Chambers in Friday Harbor.

Public comment period on the fare proposal continues through July 30. The final hearing to adopt the fare changes is Aug. 10 in Seattle.

The fare recommendations are based on requirements in the transportation budget passed by the 2023 Legislature. The budget requires $419 million to be generated from fares over the two-year budget time frame – from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2025.

Fares were among the topics discussed at the recent series of six virtual community meetings held by Washington State Ferries.

The round-trip price now for a standard car and driver on the Mukilteo-Clinton route is $25.60.

Vehicles are charged both ways, while passengers only pay from Mukilteo on this route. Adults are $5.80. Seniors are half price. Youth 18 and under are free on ferries.

Fares vary by route.

The round-trip fare with a standard car is $42.80 on the Edmonds-Kingston route. The passenger fare is $9.45, or $4.70 for seniors.

The summer sailing schedule started June 18, with added late-night service on the Mukilteo-Clinton and Edmonds-Kingston runs. Waits of several hours are not uncommon during summer peak times.

Purchasing multi-ride tickets will save you a few bucks that you can spend on snacks on the ferry.

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