Saranell DeChambeau: April 17, 1936–February 24, 2024

Saranell DeChambeau, retired Langley Librarian and longtime island resident, passed away in her sleep on February 23, 2024. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s in communication. Saranell moved to South Whidbey in 1964. Over the many years she served as a Pack 57 den mother, a Langley Elementary PTA President, a board member of the Island County Fair and various other roles. Saranell sang in the United Methodist Choir for over 50 years. She raised three boys alone; As a single mother she credited the community of South Whidbey for Noel, Dean and Bruce’s amazing upbringing.

In herlater years, Saranell played the role ofI.B. Fuzz, the shortest Texas Ranger, for the Langley Mystery Weekend.

She was devoted to her “Island” and told anyone who would listen what a wonderful place South Whidbey is.