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WHIDBEY RECIPES: Finicky eaters become boring

One of our neighbors was chatting over the back fence about friends who were coming for dinner. She was trying to come up with a menu, which surprised me because she’s an excellent cook and I figured she’d have dozens of possibilities. Not so, because, as she went on to explain, the husband of the couple who were coming that evening was one of those tiresome folk who have a list longer than your arm of “I don’t eat that; I don’t like that; I never touch things like that.”

A quality to be treasured | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s important, occasionally, to remind ourselves why we’re celebrating one of our more important holidays of the year. The upcoming Independence Day, aka Fourth of July, was originally created to commemorate the official adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which followed the winning of this country’s freedom from the rule of Great Britain.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | My cookie classics for Christmas

One of my earliest memories of what we always called “getting ready for Christmas” is being in my grandmother’s kitchen, learning from her how to… Continue reading

Head for the fair, but be careful what you take home | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Ever since they were babies, two of our granddaughters have come across the pond every August to spend Island County Fair weekend with us. One… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Another bag lady in trouble

The first time I went to Vienna, more than 20 years ago, I went with my stepdaughter, who lives there, to a local market to do her daily shopping. At that time, there were no “supermarkets,” such as Safeway, Albertson’s, PayLess, etc., and most women, working or not, stopped in at local shops for foodstuffs on a daily basis.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Our family, and our country, hit the road with General Motors

My father, who is now 100 years old (and still has a valid driver’s license though he doesn’t drive anymore), always drove GM automobiles.The first… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Looking back at second chances

At a recent luncheon with friends, the conversation turned to “things I wish I’d done differently.” This was triggered primarily by one woman’s lament that she’d waited far too long to take up painting, which is now her passion and which absorbs hours of her time every day.

Fair-weather food for fair-attending folks | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Depending upon whether you’re reading this Wednesday or Saturday, you may or may not already have been to the fair. If you haven’t yet taken yourself to one of our island’s major summer events, do it before it’s too late. And if you have already been, I needn’t say more, except “lucky you.”

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Belly fat sticks out as issue for health agencies near and far

Belly fat; if you have it, you could be in for anything from diabetes to dementia to dysfunction. You know the dysfunction I’m talking about, the dreaded ED all those TV ads go on and on about. Belly fat is the current hot health mania, and not just in this country.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | A break from the usual on this Veterans Day

Eight young men, brought home in boxes. Eight young men who will laugh no more, love no more, fight no more. Their president was there… Continue reading

Looking for a ray of hope from across the water | WHIDBEY RECIPES

In spite of a certain lack of cooperation from the weather, spring is showing itself.

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There’s nothing like a good scare to force one to take a good long look at a few little bad habits that may have crept… Continue reading

Good enough for Wonderland: an ode to versatile soup | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“Who for such dainties would not stoop? “Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!”

WHIDBEY RECIPES | It’s just me and my 100 trillion friends

Ever since I learned, a short time ago, that I am a walking container for 100 trillion microbes, I feel as though I might glow in the dark.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Some words were never uttered in polite company

Once upon a time, during a visit to my grandmother in West Seattle, I accidentally said the S-word in front of my grandmother.

Out with the old and in with the new for 2013 | WHIDBEY RECIPES

We’re off and running, already more than two weeks into our bright new year, full of possibilities and optimism, right?

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Chocoholics like us have Christopher Columbus to thank

If it’s almost Valentine’s Day, it’s also close to time for loving overindulgence, and for me, that means chocolate. Nothin’ says lovin’ like chocolate.History tells… Continue reading

What would I do without the Pope to liven things up? | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Heaven scent. There’s something new in the air, something that smells of new-mown grass, with overtones of tree blossoms, and just a hint of holiness.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Seasoned crabbers know enough to pull their pots

There was a great deal of crabbing and consternation going on last week near where we live in Sandy Hook, when crab traps were found… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Mandarin chicken is the right dish for your hungry Tiger

“Tiger, tiger, burning brightIn the forests of the night,What immortal hand or eyeDare frame thy fearful symmetry!”— William BlakeFebruary, for such a short month, is… Continue reading