Margaret Walton

Recent studies show what’s bad is what’s good again | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Remember when eggs were on the “poison” list, condemned as potential killers?

Tart flavor makes green tomatoes perfect for relishes and chutneys | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Well, summer’s end certainly came in a rush. I’d just written about what a beautiful summery few weeks we’d had, then woke up the next morning to clouds and chilly winds. But, in this part of our world, ’twas ever thus.

Indian summer? We need to chill out a little bit first | WHIDBEY RECIPES

In typical Pacific Northwest fashion, we’ve gone from moaning over our lack of summer weather to mild complaints about how hot and dry it has been this month.

Police chief responds to pretzel and Pop Tart criticism | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Following is a letter I received last week regarding last Wednesday’s column in which I sputtered over a malnourished, allegedly starved young girl being fed Pop Tarts, popcorn and pretzels by Mukilteo police who took her in charge for safekeeping until Child Protective Services took over.

Pop Tarts and pretzels? What in the world were they thinking? WHIDBEY RECIPES

There are times when words fail me, although some friends and family would no doubt disagree. This morning was one of those brief periods when I was struck dumb, sputtering and wordless because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

It may be boring, but this ‘green thing’ needn’t be bland | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s a boring job, but someone has to do it and I really don’t mind; in fact, I rather look forward to it. Every year about this time, it happens; I begin hearing from people with too much zucchini, asking for help. As I said, boring, but what we do with the annual surfeit of green Italian squash need not be.

My love of cookbooks got its start back in Olden Days | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“The backbone of a nation is the good housekeeper, and the home maker’s greatest asset is the ability to prepare good food. The future happiness of children depends on their health, and health is obtained only through well prepared foods, fresh air and exercise.”

After a long, long wait, it’s finally time to clam up | WHIDBEY RECIPES

We wait and wait for too many months it seems, for our short but sweet summer to begin; then when it suddenly appears, everything seems to happen at once.

A quality to be treasured | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s important, occasionally, to remind ourselves why we’re celebrating one of our more important holidays of the year. The upcoming Independence Day, aka Fourth of July, was originally created to commemorate the official adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which followed the winning of this country’s freedom from the rule of Great Britain.

Let’s pretend our summer will actually look like one | WHIDBEY RECIPES

We’ve all played “Let’s pretend” at some point during childhood.

I could teach Boeing workers a thing or two about FOD | WHIDBEY RECIPES

With many thanks to Boeing, I’ve finally discovered just the right terminology, as well as an explanation for what most of us experience on a recurring basis in our lives but didn’t know, until now, what to call it or that it’s apparently quite commonplace.

Still here after the end of the world, and still tapping | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Well, it would appear I’m not among the chosen enraptured few, because I’m still here today and, while I am quite happy, I wouldn’t say I’m experiencing anything close to rapture.

Taxpayers’ annual gift of $3 billion doesn’t seem to buy much gratitude | WHIDBEY RECIPES

If someone sent you a check for $3 billion every year, what would you do with it? And how would you feel about the group that sent you that money every year?

Who knew that patch of rhubarb would go such a long way | WHIDBEY RECIPES

The affair began innocently enough and, frankly, I never thought it would last as long as it has. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and still do.

Spring cleaning time already? Better send in the Readybot | WHIDBEY RECIPES

If it’s April, it must be time for spring cleaning. Unfortunately, that happens to be at the very top of my “Most Hated Chores” list, primarily because even before I begin, the job seems virtually hopeless.

Graying boomers will learn the challenges many of us already face | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Reading in Jessie Stensland’s story last week that the population of Island County is growing grayer by the year was no surprise. Even Boomers are eventually going to gray, no matter what their hair color may appear to be, and we all know there are plenty of them who’ve settled on our island.

Universe’s ‘dark matter’ sends my gray matter into orbit | WHIDBEY RECIPES

There it was, in the third paragraph of a very brief article about the final flight of Shuttle Endeavour, one sentence that sent my mind into a tailspin and my imagination on an out-of-control binge.

Looking for a ray of hope from across the water | WHIDBEY RECIPES

In spite of a certain lack of cooperation from the weather, spring is showing itself.

Catastrophe in Japan leaves little enthusiasm for merriment

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, actually one of my favorite celebratory days because of the food and drink associated with it. Mostly the food, of… Continue reading

Here’s something you won’t want to pick up at the store | WHIDBEY RECIPES

If you’ve just finished breakfast or lunch, or if you’re feeling a bit squeamish, you may want to skip reading this column, at least for awhile.