Margaret Walton

Warning: This column may include adult language and situations | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Over the years, I’ve learned dirty words in several languages. I don’t mean to imply that I speak several languages, because I don’t, but for… Continue reading

It may be ugly, but this much-used root sure has a kick | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Ugly as it is, horseradish root is among the many small delights of life. Fresh or processed, I am virtually never without horseradish in my… Continue reading

Prom-shopping granddaughter inspires tears from the past | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Grandchildren, it turns out, are one of the unexpected benefits of having children in the first place, or so it often seems to me now.… Continue reading

Cure for stomach pains = live frogs? | (non-frog) WHIDBEY RECIPES

When a couple in Ormond Beach, Fla. found a frog in their can of Pepsi, they were understandably upset. They had originally thought it was a mouse. Personally, when I read the item about the frog, I can only say how happy I was that I don’t drink Pepsi. I don’t, in fact, drink soda pop of any kind, with or without mice or frogs.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Mandarin chicken is the right dish for your hungry Tiger

“Tiger, tiger, burning brightIn the forests of the night,What immortal hand or eyeDare frame thy fearful symmetry!”— William BlakeFebruary, for such a short month, is… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Never heard of geoduck? And you call yourself a supercook

Remember when you were a kid and played “Let’s Pretend?” That’s what we’re doing today, so even if you were backward as a child and didn’t play “Let’s Pretend,” just go along with it for a bit.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Soup is the sure cure for those pesky January blues

The soup song from “Alice in Wonderland” has been running through my head for several days now, which is nothing unusual. “Soup, beautiful soup, soup… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | What to do with it all? Just answer the question, please

What do you do with one cold Wiener-schnitzel, about a half cup of German potato salad, several slices of cold ham and a ham bone,… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Every Christmas once brought a box of sweet memories

Every year for Christmas my dad brought my mom a box of chocolates, almost always the large, holiday Whitman’s Sampler. I think I can safely… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | A batch of oven-hot cookies will restore that good cheer

It’s surprising how many people I’ve talked to in the past couple of weeks who mention that they just don’t feel very Christmasy this year, or that Christmas just doesn’t feel very cheery yet, for some reason.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Recent headlines leave us with a few sad endings

A 97-year-old man is found floating in the frigid waters of Mutiny Bay, thought to have drifted there from Mukilteo, a suspected suicide, and someone… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Some words were never uttered in polite company

Once upon a time, during a visit to my grandmother in West Seattle, I accidentally said the S-word in front of my grandmother.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | A break from the usual on this Veterans Day

Eight young men, brought home in boxes. Eight young men who will laugh no more, love no more, fight no more. Their president was there… Continue reading