Letter: Ferry workers are appreciated on the island


As a resident of Whidbey, there are many blessings to reflect on daily with our magical island. The local food sources, beautiful landscapes and welcoming communities are all vital to sustaining the Whidbey Wonderful aura.

We all rely on the ferry to transport us to work, doctor visits and as a gateway to the mainland. I’d like to express gratitude for each of the ferry workers and suggest that when each of us venture onto the ferry that we thank each ferry worker that we encounter.

Yesterday, when I walked onto the Clinton ferry to venture to Mukilteo, I walked up to each ferry worker that I saw and thanked them personally for being there. Each individual lit up and thanked me for sharing that. Perhaps by showing gratitude more for these vital workers and resources for our island we can validate each person with thanks and acknowledgment and maintain the levels necessary to have our ferries continuing to run at a full schedule.

So thank you, WSDOT ferry workers. The residents of Whidbey appreciate and value you.

Lauren Corson