Letter: We need to protect our democracy


Do we as Americans want democracy or not? Do we want al Americans to be free, welcomed and accepted or do we want the small radical fringe of the GOP to rule us like an oligarchy and they decide who belongs here and what or who to follow, not the Constitution?

Now, that small mega fringe group are following a crazed, loud, selfish bully in Donald Trump like in a trance or a cult! Don’t you wonder why the House is in such chaos and disarray? They seem not to care where they are taking us, or if the government is open and running at all. They are out of step with most Americans. Why do these elected “leaders” seem to side with dictators America has held in suspect forever?

They are here to serve us, the American people, who they do not seem to care about. We have a wonderful diversity of citizens that add so much to our union. If we don’t wake up we will look more like Germany of the late 1930s than the America of 2023 that some of us love.

Donald Trump is not a god, not even a moral, good person. He is a flawed, selfish, loud man who cares only about himself. If you dare criticize him you end up on his enemies list forever and according to him should not be allowed to live. If we don’t get it together we may soon wonder where all our freedoms have gone.

We have watched the Supreme Court already take some away and if you live in Florida or Texas their governors have gone farther to force their opinions on their citizens! Don’t we care? We must stand up to these corrupt and perverted ideas of leadership. We must vote them out when we see what they are up to, or have only ourselves to blame. Once our freedoms are gone it might be impossible to get them back! Democracy is fragile, look at Ukraine, we must protect it and make sure it survives and not look to others to save us. This time the cavalry is not coming. We must save ourselves, and we can if we really see what is happening and use our voices and our votes.

Nancy Mayer