Langley council has radar love

Curbing speeding continues to be a priority for members of the Langley City Council.

Curbing speeding in the Village by the Sea continues to be a priority for members of the Langley City Council.

During a meeting last week, Councilmember Rhonda Salerno asked Public Works Director Randi Perry if it would be possible to include the installation of two speed limit radar signs in the city’s budget.

“This would really do a lot to help slow the traffic and really appeal to people who are still struggling and I hear from all the time about this on Sandy Point (Road) and on Sixth Street,” Salerno said.

Langley currently has two of these radar signs at the edge of city limits, one on Third Street and the other on Camano Avenue. Last year, a staff-proposed reduction called for the removal of two additional signs, which was estimated to save the city around $9,000.

“We didn’t ask for much, but we asked for these signs,” Salerno said.

Not everyone seemed to be in agreement on their effectiveness, however.

“The idea of more radar signs is great, but people speed up and down Second Street,” Councilmember Harolynne Bobis said. “I nearly got killed the other day wanting to cross the street to get to my house from the Star Store. There are big signs that say ‘Pedestrian crossing.’ I just think people speed.”

Perry said she heard that the signs were wanted. She said staff will be working on the transportation element of the city’s comprehensive plan next year, and some opportunities for grant funding will kick off in January.

“So there’s a lot of planning efforts that are underway that are really gonna help us look at all of the areas that are deficient in our transportation system and be able to pinpoint those projects and those high priority areas based off of some real world data,” she said.